About This Site

I use this site as a home for my coding projects, photo galleries, and maybe in the future, writing.

If you'd like to contact me, the best way is probably via twitter. If you want to email me, there's a form [here][/contact].

About Me

I started work in the consumer electronics industry just as televisions were transitioning to digital broadcast. I had the privilege of being front and center as televisions moved from analog devices driven by a simple microprocessor to full-fledged computers running embedded Linux with digital displays, and then evolved again to network-connected devices capable of rendering html, loading apps, and streaming video from the web.

Today, I am very interested in content discovery and metadata, the shift of content and consumption from broadcast to streaming, and the transition from big screens to personal displays. We now have new ways to communicate with our devices, new ways to watch content, and different types of content (like short form UGC and web-original) to watch.

I enjoy working with web APIs and host a number of projects on this site that were created at various hack events - these projects were conceived and deployed within a single weekend, so please forgive the rough edges. More recently, I've also done some work with audio recording and podcasting.

I do most of my shooting with Nikon DSLRs (D200, D300, D700) but recently I've been infatuated with Fuji rangefinder cameras.