About This Site

I use this site as a home for my projects, publishing photos, and some general writing.

If you'd like to contact me, the best way is probably via twitter. If you want to email me, there's a form here.

About Me

I started work in the consumer electronics industry just as televisions were transitioning to digital broadcast. I had the privilege of being front and center as televisions moved from analog devices driven by a simple microprocessor to full-fledged computers running embedded Linux with digital displays, and then evolved again to network-connected devices capable of rendering html, loading apps, and streaming video from the web.

I spent many years playing with music and video metadata, and created several projects at music hack day events.

Today, I work for a company that creates engineering software, and am (happily) learning a lot about CAD, CAM and design for manufacturing, and the process of designing and building useful objects.

I own several 3D printers (mostly Printrbot hardware) and a few other random machines. I also spend a lot of time at a local makerspace where we have a ton more equipment.

I do most of my photography with Nikon DSLRs (D200, D300, D700) but recently I've been infatuated with Fuji rangefinder and removable lens cameras.