Christmas App

Last year, Jim and I used the Rovi Data API to build an app that lists all Christmas albums in the AMG database.

Songs (by frequency on Albums)

I put a fresh coat of paint on the site and re-launched it at The site was only up in December 2012. Now that the holidays are over, I have pulled it down. As usual, the site was built on Python/Flask, but this time I used an Azure VM as the host.

Most Prolific Artists (Ranked by # of Tracks on Albums)

It allows you to sort the most popular songs, most prolific artists, and find songs by genre or subgenre (there are 25 Polka albums, and 33 Disco records - don't miss Christmas In The Stars.

The images above are some tag clouds I built from the data - made with the excellent Wordle. I did the design/styling on the actual site. It's... less polished. Keep an eye open for the site next year during the holidays!