We had an unexpected visitor in our backyard this evening. I was walking out to check the mail and heard a screech and saw the flutter of wings.

I popped inside the house to get Z and we started breaking through the snow in the backyard, looking up in the trees. We were both startled to see a large hawk, almost within arms reach of us!

We admired the bird for a while, and then I sent Z in to get a coat and grabbed my camera. Happily, the bird decided to hang around for a bit longer (although on a higher branch).

The photos aren't amazing, but I did get a few passable ones - mostly from the same angle, so I'll spare you the repetition. The hawk had 'treed' a few squirrels in an adjacent pine. They were making crying noises, and understandably, were both scared witless.

The bird eventually got bored of my picture taking and decided to fly away, squirrel-less.